Introduce Yourself (Know Me)

বাঙালী ১৬ আনা

This is a Blog of someone who is 100% Bong living at Kolkata Since 32 years !

I hope you know what is “Bong” ? Let me tell if you don’t , Bong is Bengali Guy who loves to have entire fishes of the Aquarium in his plate ! Who doesn’t see his/her watch when he is in pack of friends discussing soccer or politics or maybe a movie. Someone who “eats” water & with high IQ.

Characterised as a Sports Lover, Gossip King & Foodie Bengali . Interested about Politics but not actively or passively into that business.

Here you can expect weekly thrice published blogs of Sports , Food or Politics & expect some miscellaneous topics also like movies & current affair.

Why do this?

  • Because to give the readers a neutral view on the topic.
  • Because it will help you to understand of view in a different angle.

One thing guaranteed is ENTERTAINMENT & KNOWLEDGE. I guess it can be an awesome combo for you all.

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