Review- House of Secrets (Netflix)

Can you believe blindly ?

Thrilling ? Horrifying !?

I can bet that this one is “Special” documentary where not a single video have been shooted to make the film and still it shatters you with thrill & horror. Directed & Produced by Leena Yadav & Anubhav Chopra , both deserves real credit for getting a 7.8/10 IDB ratings.

Based on the True Story of Baruri(Delhi) a family mystically found dead all together . The Most Important thing is “Dead by the Same Way & Same Mean”. The Crime Spot had no violence reported as the neighborhood claimed no noise even in the same night ! Crazy or Freeky but really thrilling. Just Imagine , A Full Family of 11 People Aged from 80 to 14 found dead Hanging from their ceiling that also together . The Deads were hand tied with cable wires. Also their mouth & eyes were tapped & Ears were plugged with cotton.

Was this a FAMILY SUCIDE ? Or a Murder by someone known ? If a SUCIDE then let me add a twist , only 14days back the family got together for their daughter’s reception (Sangeet) & many were invited which costed them a whooping 4lacs rupees. This girl who had his SANGEET done 2 weeks back was among the 11 found dead. The Real Answer is much more than what one can imagine. Before stating the real reason let me give credit the entire team who have put this Documentary together a great applauds for their pitch perfect narration. #kudos

Humble Request to Watch the Series at NETFLIX . But just for your info I must reveal that it was a SUCIDE or an ACCIDENT where all the members died due to WRONG PERCEPTION or you can say WRONG BELIEF. You will be shocked by the real reason which I keep SECRET so that you watch it by your own. The End had PARANORMAL incidents which was creepy ! The Documentary had Voice overs which made the viewers get really frightened . A Real Story Depicted So Precisely . The Documentary have really researched well & put it all documents infront of us.

With a twist i will leave you saying “MENTAL HEALTH IS AS IF NOT MORE IMPORTANT THAN PHYSICAL HEALTH”. Watch the Documentary & comment below how was the review.

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