India Lost When They Smiled !

A Review From A Dan’s Perspective

The Broadcasting Camera Panned to Pakistan’s Wicket Keeper Md. Rizwan in the 1st Over where it was seen the Enigmatic Player was Smiling a Joke with Captain Babar who was in the Slips in the very 1st Over. That Smile Indicated that all the pressure was tilted towards India for this match. Ind vs Pak is not new but we have seen the opposite always where Indians tend to be more relaxed ! The Way Rohit Sharma Got Out depicted the fate of India. You can watch Rohit’s stance when we was just going to face Afridi . It was stuck in crease , dillema to move forward or stay at crease. Yes have to admit KL Rahul was bowled by a Jaffa ! Again Afridi showing excellent composure while bowling with the new white ball.

Though the Indian Captain Scored 57 (Highest ) runs but his innings never got the Kohli Type Momentum which we are used to. Surya Kumar Yadav Was Very Anxious in the Crease Resulting his wicket to Hasan Ali to a non-harming ball out side offside.

Rishab Pant Was Trying His Bit But Got Out when the momentum was just shifting towards India. The Fielding of Pakistan was just Super. They showed their Intent to cut down runs wherever possible & grabbing a the catches in stake. The Team Spirit was Super High !!

Sending Ravi Jadeja infort of Hardik didn’t work as Jaddu managed a meare 13 of 13. He didn’t press the accelerator when needed before perishing to Badal Ali’s slower. But must mention Rauf Harris’s Contribution in the middle over. Excellent Mix of Pace. Touching 152 kmph to jolting down to 122 kmph.

Hardik Tried but Failed ! India posted a Target that can be fought with but not a match winning . Target 152 for Pakistan to grab the so called “MAUKA”.

The 1st Over was bowled by Bhuvi , who seemed to find himself . He was not accurate neither swinging which he was known for. The 1st Boundary & 1st Six came in the very 1st Over by Md.Rizwan. Md Shami Bowled the Second over , he too was not sharp what he was ! Pakistani Skipper Barbar was steady with his start while Rizwan took the score card busy. They Planned They Executed & Eventually They Won. Not a Single Bowler looked likely to take a wicket. Perhaps Deepak Chahar & Ashwin could have played a significant role. Surprised how the attitude of Indian players were with shoulders down most of the times. Poor Chap Kohli tried to motivate the team but failed. Even Keeper Pant was not to his usual “Noisy”. Did the “MAUKA MAUKA” of Indian Media Turned Boomerang against Team India or did the boys took it easy ?

One thing for Sure the Pakistan players thought “They Don’t Have Anything to Loose” which led to that contagious smile of Rizwan among his teammates. Again concluding the fact “Indians lost to the Smiles of Pakistan”.

One thought on “India Lost When They Smiled !

  1. Win or loss part of the game rules and India definitely fight back in their upcoming matches and if India meet again with Pakistan in semi final then this time all indians are smile again because we beat Pakistan again in this world cup .Best wishes for Indian team for their upcoming matches and We win this world cup sure💪💪


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