COVID again ? “Omicron” Variant ! Threat ? Must Know Facts & Truth.

Know The Facts Before You Panic !

” Variant of Concern “ As Stated by WHO (World Health Organization). It means the contagious power is high & to be a reason of concern. This is the 5th Variant of Concern. Before this there were 4 Other Variants of Covid19 Virus, DELTA being found in India. DELTA affected India badly leading to Second Wave.

Omicron Variant have 50 Mutations & More. This made it a reason of worry for scientists. 32 Mutations were found in its SPIKE PROTEIN (Binding Agent) where 9 Mutations were found in DELTA. To date DELTA was considered the most deadly Variant found.

The Variant Was Found 1st at BOTSWANA (Africa) in 24th Nov,2021. This Variant is 500 times more contiguous. The Trials are still on process for finding the Mortality Rate of this Variant. Time will speak ! Though it’s been known that more the contiguous less the mortality & vice versa. Finger Crossed !!

Wether Vaccines would be effective ? Still no sufficient datas are to be found. Many Countries have banned flights from African Countries like South Africa , Botswana , Namibia & others. USA have banned many Africans Flights. Hopefully the Vaccines would be effective for this Variant also. I hope you are fully Vaccinated when you read this 👍

So, the conclusion would be that it’s yet to be found how deadly is the Variant. Still there is no sufficient data for or against the Omicron Variant. The Best thing would be to stay cautious by wearing mask , maintaining social distancing & using sanitizers. The Threat is yet to be far from gone. The Best thing is that South Africa being modest & honest about revealing the new Variant so that the World can be more cautious.

Don’t Panic , Lets Stay United . Share the Link & Create Awareness rather than creating or sharing Panic.

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