BIPIN RAWAT Death Reason Analysis !?

Real Reason MI 17V5 Crash

Chief of Defense Staff Dies In A Helicopter Crash.

On the 8th December , 2021 a Helicopter Crashes at Coonoor (Tamil Nadu). The News Spread Like Fire Stating Our Chief of Defense Staff Mr Bipin Rawat was boarding the Helicopter with his wife & 12 others. The Helicopter took flight from Sulur & was headed to Wellington, nearly 100km which was a 30mins Journey. 7 Minutes before landing the crash took place & Mr Rawat & his wife Mrs Madhulika Rawat along with 11 Others were declared dead !!

It was an MI-17 v5 Russian Aircraft, which is considered as safe & advanced machine in the Air. Rare cases of its crashes are reported but overall it is used by over 50 Countries presently.
Sources revealed that the Helicopter was driven by Wing Commander P.S.Chauhan. Mr.Chauhan was an experienced & responsible pilot. He was in charge of 109 Helicopter units, so inexperience was not the reason !

The Theories Were Many, as Fake News were spread like “China Conspiracy” or a Terrorist Attack by “Pakistan”. But No One Claimed the Incident Responsible, niether it seemed so !

The Real Reason :

Weather in Coonoor stays clear generally but in Winters the Route Gets Clouded , Foggy or Rainy Sometimes around. The Low lying clouds comes of suddenly in these areas. The Case is believed to be due to sudden poor weather were the pilot took the VFR (Visual Flight Rules) which is based on experience of pilot with visual scenes. It can be said it is a way to fly with a manual control. Other Way is called IFR( Instruments Flight Rules) which relies on instruments. There was a viral video where this Helicopter was seen flying unstable in the sky covered with clouds & then the sounds of crashes were audible loudly. The Black Box was recovered from the site of crash !!
All The Eyes on the INVESTIGATION REPORT which is yet to be published till date, but IAF Chief VR Chaudhari assures ‘very very fair’ inquiry into CDS Bipin Rawat chopper crash case.

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