Snake Bites Salman Khan ! The Real Story

“Salman Khan Gets Bitten By Snake”
Know the Real Story

2021 Christmas Would be Something to remember for Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan. Salman Decided to spend the special day at his farm house located at Panvel. The Idea was good but luck wasn’t !

Named after Salman’s sister Arpita, the Farmhouse is a delight to watch. It happened that Salman Noticed the Snake & tried to move it in a safe place with a stick himself which was not a good idea it seemed. As per Salman he said the stick was a small one. He lifted the snake when the caretakers shouted in fear that the snake would bite the superstar which could be lethal ! The Snake Eventually Bite Salman on his hand. Not once or twice but thrice !!

Panic flew fast as Salman was rushed to nearby hospital . The people around Salman guessed the snake as “Krait” which is a poisonous Snake . As Salman went to the hospital then it was confirmed that the snake was not poisonous at all. The Hospital Officials dismissed Salman after preliminary dressing. Salman Khan Speaks About The Incident In An Interview

So this time Santa was role reversed with a “Krait” but to his good luck it was non-poisonous.

The Moral One Could Take from the incident is :-

1. Whenever you get bitten by a snake don’t wait or judge by the look of the snake. Immediately rush to the hospital to get the best treatment . No “Snake Charmer” or “Tantrik” could rescue the victim other than medical personnel.

2. Don’t try to play tricks with any kind of Snake it can lead to your death. Best is to inform forest dept & get the snake removed safely without harming.

Till Then Happy New Year 2022 !

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