All for Money?Aamir Khan Now Promoting Allopathy Pharmacy App Once Raised Voice for Generic Medicine !

Aamir Khan back in 2012 raised questions over pharmaceutical industry in his show known as “Satyamev Jayate”. The Show did emphasize on the price of medicines manufactured by Pharmaceutical Co. is nearly 5times higher than the Generic Brands ! The Viewers got intimidated by this show immensely.

Now the truth lies far more than just showing one angle of the story. In India the efficacy (effectiveness) of generic medicines is not up to the mark from decades due to some unavoidable situations. The Indian Pharmaceutical Market is a huge market which contributes to 2% alone to India’s GDP.

So many people is directly associated with pharma industry for their earning . From Promoting to manufacturing , lacs of people & thousands of family are dependent. Still the Medical Representatives was directly told as “Sales Agent” by Aamir Khan ! The Man Who Who had 2 Divorce states a Hard Working Professional who works 10-12hours in scorching heat, chilling winters a agent ? Did Aamir Hosted the show for free ?? If he is so thoughtful about the aspects how did he take money to promote an APP which delivers Allopathic Drug to the people !!

The Indian pharmaceutical industry is the world’s 3rd largest by volume and 14th largest in terms
of value. Total Annual Turnover of Pharmaceuticals was Rs. 2,89,998 crore for the year 2019-2020. Total
pharmaceutical exports and import were to the tune of Rs. 1,46,260 crore and Rs. 42,943 crore respectively
in the year 2019-20. India is heavily dependent on pharma industry for GDP.

India has the advantage of the cost, as the cost of labor, the cost of inventory is much lower than other places.The growth rate of the industry is 13% per year.The Pharmaceutical Industry in India is one of the largest in the world.It ranks 4th in the world, pertaining to the volume of sales.

So , Mr Aamir Khan before shredding crocodile tears infront of camera better “Get Well Soon”.

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