KKR out !! Bengal Ranji Players Rejected Over These Players !! Do they deserve ? Check stats..

Abhijeet Tomar , Sheldon Jackson or Indrajith better than Manoj , Ishwaran or Sreevats ??

Manoj Tiwary Has an Avg of 49.24 in FC Career & 28.39 in t20 with Strike-Rate Over 116+. Baba Indrajith Averages 17.89 with Strike-Rate of 101.39 !! Still Chosen Over the Proven Bengal Star , Why ? Oh Because Baba Can Keep Wickets ?

Thinking Age of Manoj ? They let me tell you Sheldon Jackson is same aged of him. Nearly 36 . Also take examples of Rayudu, Shikhar playing & performing in same age group.
Then lets put some light on Sreevats Goswami, the Bengal WK averages 27.18 striking at 117.54. Why haven`t the Bengal Lad selected ?? I mean which basis ?

Abhijeet Tomar scored total 69 runs in his t20 career with 11 avg & strike-rate of 71.03, what did the management see before selecting him over Bengal captain Easwaran ?

Abhimanyu Easwaran has a profilic avg of 39+ in t20 with strikerate over 129 !!
Can any CRICKET GURU explain why he was left for player like Tomar ?
Questions have arrived that are the management or scouts select due to some underline reasons .. Maybe something groofy in selection procedure !

The Indian Batting Coach of KKR was key in this selection process or scouting.
KKR got knocked out from this year`s IPL due to some worthless Indian Domestic players.

Dark Clouds are wondering over this type of selection, is the process getting Financial influence ? If not then why select Abhijeet over Abhimanyu or Baba over Sreevats ? Sheldon Jackson spending 4years in KKR have not even warmed the bench with his low grade batting. Why Not then Go for Other Options in Auction.

The time is ripe to make BCCI some strong decisions to include local players of those states to promote good enviroment. Hope the King of Comeback “Ganguly” finds a way for this !!

We are not against the players played for KKR but we qesution on which basis they were selected ?? We also hope & pray these player in future performs well in their career. Also hope players like Manoj , Abhimanyu & Sreevats gets the deserving playing chance !

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