Anxiety Relief in 1 Min – Best Technique !!

Box Breathing / 4*4 Technique

Anxiety can be really something very hard to cope up. With recent stress triggers in life people often face Anxiety Attacks or better known as “Panic Attacks”. The symptoms are Racing heartbeat ,Feeling Faint, Trembling, Sweating, Chest pain, Shortness of breath ect. The attack can last anywhere from 1 min to 20mins. It doesn`t chooses a time , place for its arrival.

To cope up Acute Anxiety instantly the Technique which works like Miracle is known as ” Box Breathing”. Lets know how to do the same !

4 Seconds Inhale from Nose then Hold the Breathe Inside for another 4 Seconds.
Exhale from Nose for 4 seconds then with empty chest hold the breathe for another 4 seconds. 16 Seconds per round & do it effectively for 4 Rounds.
Within 1 min your Anxiety will caml down, if you continue for 10 rounds you will notice a major change in your body.

You can continue this everyday without Anxiety attacks also for a relaxing job of your mind & body.
Try It !

Use This !

Comment how you felt ! Share for help.

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