” K K brought dead ” – CMRI HOSPITALS KOLKATA


Profound Indian Singer K K was declared “brought dead!” by CMRI Hospitals Kolkata at 11pm tonight.

K K did perform minutes earlier in Kolkata for a college in Najrul Mancha.

Reports says he was fine singing & dancing with the great crowd today at his last live programme. He ended the live show & went back to his Hotel. It is believed that K K fell down from stairs in the hotel lobby. He was then rushed to nearby hospital (CMRI) where he was declared dead.

The Question is wether it is Stroke or Heart Attack or something else ?

The Reality is that Capacity of 2,000 was filled with 10,000 people 🤬😡
Poor Management failed to limit Audience & Severe Humidity found people hard to breathe !!
KK felt ill in stage & was out of breathe.
It is believed due to over crowded hall the Central AC Stopped working, which caused the Legend to suffocate.

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