” K K brought dead ” – CMRI HOSPITALS KOLKATA

Profound Indian Singer K K was declared “brought dead!” by CMRI Hospitals Kolkata at 11pm tonight. K K did perform minutes earlier in Kolkata for a college in Najrul Mancha. Reports says he was fine singing & dancing with the great crowd today at his last live programme. He ended the live show & wentContinue reading “” K K brought dead ” – CMRI HOSPITALS KOLKATA”

All for Money?Aamir Khan Now Promoting Allopathy Pharmacy App Once Raised Voice for Generic Medicine !

Aamir Khan back in 2012 raised questions over pharmaceutical industry in his show known as “Satyamev Jayate”. The Show did emphasize on the price of medicines manufactured by Pharmaceutical Co. is nearly 5times higher than the Generic Brands ! The Viewers got intimidated by this show immensely. Now the truth lies far more than justContinue reading “All for Money?Aamir Khan Now Promoting Allopathy Pharmacy App Once Raised Voice for Generic Medicine !”

Shane Warne Dies at 52 ! Last Tweeted Hours Just Ago. Mystery ?

Absolute Shocking News that the Spin King is No More. Shane Keith Warne was only 52 & he is “Suspected” to die from a Heart Attack today . It is believed that Shane was in Thailand when he passed away. Strangely He twitted 12hours ago mourning the death of Rod Marsh. What a Tragic EndContinue reading “Shane Warne Dies at 52 ! Last Tweeted Hours Just Ago. Mystery ?”

Tennis Ball Cricketer in IPL !? KKR signs rookie from Street Cricket.

Ramesh Kumar ! Sold to KKR for 20lacs. Many KKR fans searched Google but found nothing . So here we are, we came to know about this sensational Tennis Ball Cricketer from our sources. Ramesh Kumar better known as Narine Jalalabadiya is an amateur cricketer who is a left handed mystery bowler who can spinContinue reading “Tennis Ball Cricketer in IPL !? KKR signs rookie from Street Cricket.”


Scary Scenes LIVE witnessed by crores of viewers of IPL MEGA AUCTION . Around 2.10pm the world witnessed a scary scene LIVE when IPL AUCTIONS was taking place & Hugh Edmeades was putting bid for Sri Lankan Allrounder HASARANGA . The live showed how Hugh Suddenly Collapsed to ground & hence the entire Live IPLContinue reading “IPL AUCTIONS STOPS AFTER HOST COLLAPSE LIVE !! Hugh Edmeades faints suddenly.”

BIPIN RAWAT Death Reason Analysis !?

Chief of Defense Staff Dies In A Helicopter Crash. On the 8th December , 2021 a Helicopter Crashes at Coonoor (Tamil Nadu). The News Spread Like Fire Stating Our Chief of Defense Staff Mr Bipin Rawat was boarding the Helicopter with his wife & 12 others. The Helicopter took flight from Sulur & was headedContinue reading “BIPIN RAWAT Death Reason Analysis !?”

Reduce Anger With This Easy 5 Lifestyle Changes

Anger is the Most Self Destroying Mood for any Human Being. Anger can affect many aspects of A Normal Person. Anger can be caused by both external and internal events. You could be angry at a specific person (such as a coworker or supervisor) or event (a traffic jam, a canceled flight), or your angerContinue reading “Reduce Anger With This Easy 5 Lifestyle Changes”

India Lost When They Smiled !

The Broadcasting Camera Panned to Pakistan’s Wicket Keeper Md. Rizwan in the 1st Over where it was seen the Enigmatic Player was Smiling a Joke with Captain Babar who was in the Slips in the very 1st Over. That Smile Indicated that all the pressure was tilted towards India for this match. Ind vs PakContinue reading “India Lost When They Smiled !”

Review- House of Secrets (Netflix)

Thrilling ? Horrifying !? I can bet that this one is “Special” documentary where not a single video have been shooted to make the film and still it shatters you with thrill & horror. Directed & Produced by Leena Yadav & Anubhav Chopra , both deserves real credit for getting a 7.8/10 IDB ratings. BasedContinue reading “Review- House of Secrets (Netflix)”

Introduce Yourself (Know Me)

This is a Blog of someone who is 100% Bong living at Kolkata Since 32 years ! I hope you know what is “Bong” ? Let me tell if you don’t , Bong is Bengali Guy who loves to have entire fishes of the Aquarium in his plate ! Who doesn’t see his/her watch whenContinue reading “Introduce Yourself (Know Me)”