KKR out !! Bengal Ranji Players Rejected Over These Players !! Do they deserve ? Check stats..

Abhijeet Tomar , Sheldon Jackson or Indrajith better than Manoj , Ishwaran or Sreevats ?? Manoj Tiwary Has an Avg of 49.24 in FC Career & 28.39 in t20 with Strike-Rate Over 116+. Baba Indrajith Averages 17.89 with Strike-Rate of 101.39 !! Still Chosen Over the Proven Bengal Star , Why ? Oh Because BabaContinue reading “KKR out !! Bengal Ranji Players Rejected Over These Players !! Do they deserve ? Check stats..”

Snake Bites Salman Khan ! The Real Story

2021 Christmas Would be Something to remember for Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan. Salman Decided to spend the special day at his farm house located at Panvel. The Idea was good but luck wasn’t ! Named after Salman’s sister Arpita, the Farmhouse is a delight to watch. It happened that Salman Noticed the Snake & triedContinue reading “Snake Bites Salman Khan ! The Real Story”

COVID again ? “Omicron” Variant ! Threat ? Must Know Facts & Truth.

” Variant of Concern “ As Stated by WHO (World Health Organization). It means the contagious power is high & to be a reason of concern. This is the 5th Variant of Concern. Before this there were 4 Other Variants of Covid19 Virus, DELTA being found in India. DELTA affected India badly leading to SecondContinue reading “COVID again ? “Omicron” Variant ! Threat ? Must Know Facts & Truth.”

Reduce Anger With This Easy 5 Lifestyle Changes

Anger is the Most Self Destroying Mood for any Human Being. Anger can affect many aspects of A Normal Person. Anger can be caused by both external and internal events. You could be angry at a specific person (such as a coworker or supervisor) or event (a traffic jam, a canceled flight), or your angerContinue reading “Reduce Anger With This Easy 5 Lifestyle Changes”

Review- House of Secrets (Netflix)

Thrilling ? Horrifying !? I can bet that this one is “Special” documentary where not a single video have been shooted to make the film and still it shatters you with thrill & horror. Directed & Produced by Leena Yadav & Anubhav Chopra , both deserves real credit for getting a 7.8/10 IDB ratings. BasedContinue reading “Review- House of Secrets (Netflix)”

Introduce Yourself (Know Me)

This is a Blog of someone who is 100% Bong living at Kolkata Since 32 years ! I hope you know what is “Bong” ? Let me tell if you don’t , Bong is Bengali Guy who loves to have entire fishes of the Aquarium in his plate ! Who doesn’t see his/her watch whenContinue reading “Introduce Yourself (Know Me)”