” K K brought dead ” – CMRI HOSPITALS KOLKATA

Profound Indian Singer K K was declared “brought dead!” by CMRI Hospitals Kolkata at 11pm tonight. K K did perform minutes earlier in Kolkata for a college in Najrul Mancha. Reports says he was fine singing & dancing with the great crowd today at his last live programme. He ended the live show & wentContinue reading “” K K brought dead ” – CMRI HOSPITALS KOLKATA”

Anxiety Relief in 1 Min – Best Technique !!

Box Breathing / 4*4 Technique Anxiety can be really something very hard to cope up. With recent stress triggers in life people often face Anxiety Attacks or better known as “Panic Attacks”. The symptoms are Racing heartbeat ,Feeling Faint, Trembling, Sweating, Chest pain, Shortness of breath ect. The attack can last anywhere from 1 minContinue reading “Anxiety Relief in 1 Min – Best Technique !!”